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Woodcraft's Brag Book

Jul 2005


Brooke's featured in Woodcraft's Brag Book


Brooke, along with several other skilled woodworkers, featured on premier woodworking site


Since Woodcraft is a pretty traditional woodworking company, magazine and web site I submitted one of my tragically traditional designs for consideration to be featured in their Brag Book. I'm proud to say that I've been featured on their site for over two years now. Thanks Woodcraft!



Brooke Coe

Brief description of myself and my work: Both my outlook and my work take into consideration the words from an old mentor, "The only truly unforgivable sin in life is to be boring." So neither are. I like to create unique an innovative storage solutions by designing fun and funky (and usually colorful) furniture. I like to enhance the grain of the wood, but I use colored stain to do it. I find the flexibility of working with wood amazing and I continue to learn and expand my knowledge in woodworking daily.



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