funky / window burst


Description: While traveling in Spain, I was very much inspired by the work of Antoni Gaudi. His bright use of colors, his mosaics, the chaos of it all. Yet, one of my favorite artists painters is Picasso (do you detect a Spanish trend here?) So while in Barcelona, I picked up this great gel art painting on the streets which allows light to shine thorugh it creating a bit of a stained glass appearance. I couldn't just hang it anywhere and it needed a frame as worthy as the artwork it held. So Picasso, meet Gaudi meet Huh? I designed a Gaudi-inspired frame to fit around the art that sits in the window sill. Both sides are painted with a stained glass look so that you can enjoy art inside and out.


Color: bright yellow, deep fuchsia, royal blue, purple, black, white, red, green.


Size: 46"w x 1"d x 46"h


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