venetian plaster fireplace

Slide this one into the new millenium

Challenge: Most of the fireplaces of yesteryear were built with brick. Sometimes you lucked out and got a mantle, sometimes you didn't. And often if you wanted a change, you painted it. Now you were left with painted brick. Oooohh.


Solution:  Since the builders decided to brick not just the fireplace, but the ENTIRE wall - this required a bit of demolition. The best thing about Venetian plaster is that it hides all the inconsistencies in the drywall making for an easier (and even more authentic looking) finish. I used deep blue for the fireplace accent wall and then framed out the fireplace with cement board and tiled it with 12" mossy green ceramic tiles. Next to go, the plum carpet. Yet again, the mauve palette invades our homes.


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