truly tuscan kitchen

From 'Eh' to 'Oh My!'

Challenge: Back in the '80s, this kitchen had a stock remodel. I'm sure it was better than the original, however it didn't make the most of the space and definitely didn't speak to a cook's needs. The new owner is in love with Tuscan design and wanted something to showcase the new appliances while also making working in the kitchen comfortable and useful. Plus - let's get rid of those tired brown cabinets (...but not completely!) Click here to see and read about the process - you can go back in time to watch the remodel in progress..


Solution: This was a remodel on a budget. New cabinetry was out, so I had to work with the existing cabinets while supplementing with a few new ones (and custom ones) here and there. My design resituated the cabinets to create a 'cooking wall' with the double oven, fridge and micro and then I showcased the cooktop, the beautiful new hood and the backsplash tile design in the center of the main wall. Finally, the sink wall featured a new single basin sink and stainless dishwasher. Not to ignore any unused space, at the end of the cabinet run I even incorporated a custom shelf for the owner's cookbooks plus small cubby shelving next to the micro. All the cabinetry was custom finished with an ivory-colored base and a cappuccino glaze finish and topped off with new Tuscan bronzed birdcage hardware. The result is a beautiful new Tuscan kitchen with the soft, aged colors typical of the region while maintaining all the modern luxuries of fresh, crisp new appliances. Buona vita!


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