slate & nickel fireplace

White stucco to textured treasure

Challenge: Fireplaces in this condo complex were put up with the speed of construction - meaning basic white stucco with little to no attention to detail. The firebox was flanked by painted 2x6 boards spanning floor to ceiling and connected in the middle with another board which they apparently called a 'mantle'. Oh, no - that just won't do.


Solution:  Texture is my main focus in this room and the fireplace is no exception. First I took copper and grey honed slate and cut to 4x4 and placed on a bias to create the fireplace surround. Next, I took 16x16 dark grey honed slate and placed it with almost no grout line as the hearth to give it a solid surface look. Finally, the fireplace was finished off with 2x2 nickel tile accents actually placed on top of the slate to give it a dimensional appearance. With the Baluga Black mantle, this fireplace now makes a statement to all who enter the room.


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