HUH? DESIGNS is the perfect solution for someone who wants the help of a professional interior designer without the hefty price tag that oftentimes comes along with one.  Brooke Coe, owner of Huh?, works with each client to ensure that she’s delivering a solution that will work for them and the way they live in their home. 


Her interior design focuses on offering multi-functional design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but functionally useful and fun.  This sentiment is echoed in her furniture design as well.  She creates pieces that are unique to the owner’s space with a bit of whimsy and fun.  Unless of course it’s a tragically traditional piece you want, in which case – oh baby, it’s functional and tame and you’ll love it to bits.


THE INITIAL CONSULTATION IS FREE.  During this meeting you can expect some initial ideas and thoughts on a solution to your space.  Brooke will discuss her approach with you and will follow up with a detailed proposal that is line-itemed so that you can select only the services you want.


Interior Design Services

Productive Hourly Design Consultations are always available for clients who need a color consultation or assurance they are moving in the right direction with their project.


Full INTERIOR DESIGN Projects typically include all or most of the following services:


  1. Concept Development

  2. Space Planning

  3. Selections and Specifications of furnishings, fixtures and finishes

  4. Custom Furniture Design

  5. Lighting Design and Specification

  6. Interior Design Documents including:

    1. Furnishings / Equipment Plan and Schedule

    2. Finish Plan & Schedule, Room Schedule

    3. Color and Storyboards

    4. Budgets

  7. Project Coordination with Architect, Contractor and Sub-Contractors

  8. Quotations / Purchasing (cost-plus basis)

  9. Furnishings Installation Coordination

  10. Art & Artifact Selection / Purchasing and Installation


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Furniture Design Services

FURNITURE DESIGN projects typically include all or most of the following services:


  1. Concept Development

  2. Furniture Design Documents including:

    1. Size Specifications

    2. Color and Finish Specifications

    3. Construction Detail

    4. Budgets & Timing

  3. Delivery and installation of final piece


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Home Staging Services

One of the hottest trends to sell a home today is home staging, an interior decorating technique for making the most of your home's attributes and making it more attractive for a potential buyer. Home staging has been known to boost home sales prices, as well as quicken the amount of time the home stays on the market. But the question is: What is the pricing for home staging-and is it worth it?


While home staging may seem like an unnecessary expense, there probably isn't a single house that couldn't benefit from a bit of carefully manipulated staging-even if it's a simple matter of re-organizing, freshening up and removing clutter. And often, suggestions and changes from professionals can amount to significant increases in the bottom line profit when selling your home.


According to, a leader in home staging services, statistics show an average of a 3% minimum increase in final sales price on homes that had been staged, versus those who had not. On a $300,000 home, that's a $9,000 increase-and well worth the home staging fees.


Initial Consultation - $250


The initial consultation includes a walk-through of the seller's home to discuss any ideas or suggestions that will yield the greatest return on investment. This may be merely time spent cleaning, packing, reorganizing or rearranging. Other suggestions may include repairs, paint, updates, etc. Since Huh? Designs is also an interior design company, we work with professionals that can do these repairs/updates for you. A list of recommendations will be prepared and the seller may choose to complete the list of recommendations themselves or employ our services for hands-on staging.


Hands-on Staging - $100/hr (4 hr minimum)


Hands-on staging includes furniture and accessory design and layout (with your own items). Pre-staging instructions are given to maximize the time needed to complete the recommended hands-on staging. Approximate time needed to complete the stage will also be pre-determined during the initial consult. Upon completion of your staging project, professional photos and flyers will be available for purchase.


Vacant Home Staging with Vignettes - $500/major room + mthly rental


Our staging division stores a limited selection of vignette items available to rent on a month to month basis. No monthly contracts necessary. Since the furniture is from our inventory, you pay much less than the cost of furniture rental companies. A bid is pre-determined and 50% of the total cost is due prior to project commencement. The remaining 50% is paid upon the completion of the project. Upon completion of your staging project, professional photos and flyers will be available. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and quote.


Accessory Shopping is also available at an hourly rate (plus the cost of accessories).


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Interior Design
My interior design services are provided on an hourly basis. Fixed Fees can be arranged for projects with defined parameters. Combination Fixed & Hourly is a third option.

Furniture Design
For furniture design, I will provide you with a fixed bid based on the design presented. If changes are needed, then I will adjust the bid accordingly.


Home Staging
For the initial consultation, the fee is $250. Other associated home staging costs can be found in the packages listed above.

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Purchasing through HUH? DESIGNS is available on a cost-plus basis. Huh? will contract with licensed installers directly if necessary. HUH? DESIGNS expedites delivery to Receiver of Client's choice where merchandise is inspected and stored until needed.