Challenge: This bathroom was almost as the builders had left it back in the mid-80s. The counter was a solid surface resin 70s looking monstrosity, the faucets were so old and outdated that they were almost rusted stiff and the floor tile had been updated once but was in a state of disrepair and needed some help. The owner wanted a fresh approach to a beachy theme without the standard fare.


Solution: Bubble mirrors, a custom glass mosaic countertop, a new beachy floor tile and a calming blue-grey wall color all add to this bathroom's unique transformation. I took the plate glass mirror off the sink wall and instead replaced it with bubbly mirrors and swimming fish. The counter was custom created with a deep blue ocean color in round glass mosaic tiles to create a water feel. And the floor was replaced with offset tan-colored varigated tiles that replicated the feel of sand at the beach. Finished off by the calming wall color and some other fun accents, this bathroom is now a fresh twist on a beach-themed bathroom.


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A beach-themed bathroom with a modern twist

sea bubble bathroom