Challenge: Most of us has nondescript bathrooms that are functional at best. And when you live in a small space, why should you settle for just functional when you can have something that also makes you feel good while you're in it? I thought not!


Solution: After an ENTIRE gut and then rebuild of not only the rotted floor joists underneath the shower area, but the surrounding walls as well, I started (again) with a white box. Since this was a rather small white box, I had to carefully pick the materials I wanted to put back in this room to be sure it was functionally fabulous. To create an intimate feel I incorporated a dark wood filigree mirror flanked by wrought iron pendant lights. The vessel sink sits upon another deep rich wood pedestal while the shower makeover included 4x4 green marble tiles and a waterfall showerhead. To finish it off, I installed bamboo flooring for durability and beauty. The walls behind the sink and adjacent received a wainscoting of 12x12 slate to further enhance the overall feel. This bathroom now has luxury written all over it.


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Deep rich woods, intimate lighting

romantic bathroom