rock & roll bedroom

How do you rise to the challenge of a young rocker?

Challenge: Time to give this kid his own room, but you can't just give him four white walls and expect him to like it, right?  Oh, maybe that's just me. Having been in a band for over four years and being only 12, I figured I needed to create a room as special as his talents were - and so I did.


Solution:  If you haven't guessed yet, this is my son's room. His band, Blak Reign, influenced the design direction of the space. I converted his original acoustic guitar into a lamp and the rest just kind of flowed. I created the custom mural on the wall from one of his gigs. I did my very first oil paintings in the arrangement over the bed and created a unique headboard honoring his rock orgin - his band. Later came the surf/skate influence and a bit of reggae, but it just kind of all fits together. Oh, and he's an artist too, so there are pieces of his custom art throughout, I love to feature kids' art in their room in a special way - really adds impact. Now my lil' rocker has a room almost as cool as he is.


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