quick kitchen reno

When the budget only includes paint and a few tiles.

Challenge: This homeowner wanted, no - NEEDED a change, and quick. The budget was, um, tiny - but sometimes a little bit of ingenuity is all it takes to transform ugly, brown and styleless cabinets into something that shines.


Solution: Again, this is a basic transformation but with a big impact. The cabinets were sanded down and then covered with a high-gloss bright white paint. The walls were painted a cool blue and the cabinet door insets were accented in a light sage green. Then a blue glass mosaic tile demi backsplash was added to bring sparkle and interest. That's it, done! Well, almost. Now the homeowner is thinking about replacing the countertop and sink and adding some hardware to the cabinets once they have more money. Still a renovation done for a a small amount of money - cool and classy.


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