patio oasis

Small space patio conversion

Challenge: Living in Southern California, you have to learn to make the most of your outdoor space - especially since it's at such a premium. This condo had a pretty good size 'backyard' for a condo, but the space was wasted and definately uninviting with overgrown weeds, a cracked patio slab and nothing much else. 


Solution: For this condo, the sun set over the back patio making it uncomfortably hot in the summer and since the sliding glass door is off the kitchen/dining room - that room also heated up in the afternoon from the sun. The solution was a pergola to provide shade from the sun and privacy from the neighbors. I also added a platform deck to help cover the crack in the patio and to welcome people out of the kitchen and into the backyard. Finally, it was finished off by a Queen Palm planted in a Zen-like rock garden. This space now is welcoming and peaceful. 


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