Challenge: This space used to contain a 10x10 slab of concrete and some sopping wet grass surrounding it.  You didn't want to come out here let alone hang out here all day.  How can you turn a super small yard into a space you want to hang out all day in?


Solution: I've been lusting over Moroccan design for quite a while. The colors, the textures, the layers, the mystical design of it all. I've wanted to rework my patio for a while, but didn't have time or money. I had previously built a built-in BBQ, built a shed, extended the concrete slab and tiled it with slate, built a platform deck and built a pergola. But, of course, it needed more. I wanted to add an extra room to my house, and this room was going to be outside. So after designing it with CAD, I then decided to just build it bit-by-bit as I had time and money. I started with the wall fountain, next moved on to the benches, then the fire table, a dining table, and finally - finished off with a hanging daybed, some tables and then decked it all out with plants and decor. My finished space - awesome!  I spend almost every night out there - and LOVE IT!


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When the budget only includes paint and a few tiles.

moroccan masterpiece