Challenge: Now I'm not down on contractors, however often their choice in building materials is quite standard. And I get it, when you're building several homes, you stick to the basics. But when it's your home, you want anything but the basics. So out with the pinky-peach tile and in with the rich, deep colors and textures.


Solution: This is a powder room of this home and required all the luxury and richness its guests deserved. Out came the ceramic tile (on both the countertop and the floor) and in its place a primitive-style slate mosaic counter was installed topped by a pounded copper vessel sink and a waterfall faucet. The hand-carved mirror was then set on top a deep terra cotta color. All the handles and accessories were switched out with a hand-rubbed oiled bronze finish and the cabinets were refinished in an antique gold wash echoed in the new crown molding. I've actually had a guy tell me he wants to replace the toilet and put a barka lounger in here because the feel of this room is so wonderful. Go figure!


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Moroccan color palette, rich feel

moroccan bathroom