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Discovery Channel's Monster House

Feb 27, 2006

Less makeover, more takeover


Brooke featured on an episode of Discovery Channel's, Monster House

Motocross House


September 3, 2005

Five long days and nights of work, work, work! We came in, we demolished, we built, adjusted designs, built some more, then finally finished the most monstrous house to date!


The theme, Motocross. The design, well - you'll just have to tune in to see. I worked with a great build crew of four guys and myself which included a general contractor/finish carpenter, a welder, a foam shaper/electrician, an upholsterer and myself - a furniture builder/carpenter. We split up, tackled the projects given to us, and worked together to help out on all aspects of the projects to ensure we finished on time and I'm proud to say, we finished with 21 minutes to spare!


My feet are aching, my fingers are thrashed and I was so tired last night after building for 41 hours straight that I started hallucinating somewhat, but I made it. It was a test of character, endurance and sheer determination. I'm proud to say, this woman builder held her own in a testosterone-laden crew. And I think after day #1 when they were all wondering why I was there, by day five, they were all happy to have me as a part of the team.


I have today off, after getting home at 2 a.m. last night and then tomorrow go back for the reveal. I'm looking forward to seeing the homeowners' response to their new tricked-out house. You too can see the madness that was Monster House in an upcoming episode scheduled to air in the very near future. Tune in and check it out!


September 29, 2005 Update

Happy to say that the reveal was a success! The homeowners' loved it and couldn't believe all the stuff we completed in such a short time. Harrah!


Enjoy some photos of the build below.






















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