modern slate kitchen

Rough slate meets sleek surfaces - makes for one happy couple.

Challenge: I just want to know what people were smoking in the 70s because they sure liked the pink/mauve color palette. Me? Not so much. This kitchen is incredibly large and actually quite efficient, just gawd-awful ugly! The builder used the same mauve tiles on the counter as they used on the floor, just slightly smaller. The cabinets, dingy dark oak. The appliances, almost operating on gerbil power at this point. This kitchen just needed to be brought into the modern age and quickly.


Solution: I designed a kitchen for this client that satisfied both the husband and wife insomuch that it’s masculine given the rough slate backsplash and feminine with the delicate stainless steel touches and accent lighting. Additionally, the family wanted to increase the peninsula dining area so that all four of them could fit there for a quick meal so I extended the peninsula for more wrap-around seating where kids and parents could have a nice chat over a meal.


To bring light into this dark area, I opened up the wall space on either side of the range hood by removing the unnecessary cabinetry while also adding multiple task work lights. Finally, the space was completed with modern pendants hung over the new dining peninsula, new stainless appliances, a new granite countertop and luxe tile floors.


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