luxe living room

Bye-bye Kokopelli, hello hubba hubba

Challenge: This living room was a conglomeration of items collected over the years - as most of ours are. However, with the outdated Santa Fe 80's look and an utter lack of storage with lots of clutter, it needed to be cleaned up and focused so that the eye was on the design and not the clutter.


Solution:  Modern luxury conquers all in this new design. I brought in texture, sparkle and a little color by incorporating rough hewn wood valances over the window areas, a rock runner over the bar area on the wall, shiny silver accents throughout and hints of aqua-blue in the carpet and vases. Larger (and fewer) pieces were brought in which incorporated internal storage with high external design. The step-down from the dining room to the living room was finished off with decorative slate tile to complete the look and welcome all to the lap of luxury.


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