Challenge: This residence has already been mostly designed by its previous owner in a Japanese-style exterior and gourmet kitchen. However, I believe the style was left at the front of the home. The master bathroom near the back of the home was left almost completely untouched. The huge medicine cabinet protruding on the wall with the eight glaring lights above it definitely didn't help things. There was an OBVIOUS lack of style or effort here and since this room opened up directly into the master bedroom with no door - it needed a makeover and bad!


Solution: I was initially asked to consult on flooring only. However, when I saw the space and was already inspired after walking through the kitchen, it was obvious that I needed to carry the theme through in an updated and modern sense. I designed shelving that enveloped the sink area providing not only beauty, but also plenty of storage. I then mimicked that style for a shelf over the toilet area to hold additional towels and knickknacks. The old cabinet 'make-up area' was enclosed to create a third cabinet and new doors and I created new doors and drawer fronts to again emphasize the Zen style. Finally, the space was topped off by a custom mirror treatment and flanked by beautiful new wall sconces and a capiz pendant light fixture to replace the glaring old lights. The result, a retreat which effortlessly flows from the rest of the house and completes the overall style with a calming, ahhhhhhh.


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Japanese-inspired zen style

japanese zen bathroom