funky friendly ice cream shoppe

Let them eat cake, um ice cream - and gelato too!

Challenge: How do you turn a ho-hum generic fast food restaurant into something that has style, personality and makes people want to stick around and enjoy not only the food, but the atmosphere as well? Infuse a bit of Huh? into the mix. The space had old beat up booths, a disgusting and dirty ceiling and walls and overall bad use of space and absolutely no personality.


Solution: I added some visual interest to the space by creating a functional layout to direct traffic towards and around the ice cream dipping cabinets (after all it's the source of revenue for the business). Patrons were encouraged to stay a while with the new cozy atmosphere to and enjoy their ice cream - and possibly purchase a coffee or something else while they're relaxing.

I've always enjoyed the design of ShoeString Creations - Ralph and I actually have a very similar design sense as far as furniture. And since I didn't have the time to make all the furniture for this particular project, I commissioned him for the tables, chairs and frames - and what a fantastic job he did, as usual! The personality of his designs was the basis for the overall interior design of the shop. Then with some pressed tin used as wainscoting, an innovative use of frames on the ceiling and pops of color throughout in addition to the functional elements of the design - an entire new eclectic space was born.

This has become a gathering spot for the locals after a hard day of work. The upbeat background music coupled with the comfortable and entertaining design and of course, the fabulous ice cream and gelato have kept return visits at a maximum. Success has stuck again!

See the furniture I built specifically for this space:



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