grand gormet kitchen

From Painted Plywood to Gourmet Greatness

Challenge: Back in the 1940s, plywood was all the rage - well not really, but that's what they built these kitchen cabinets out of. Plus, with rolled linoleum flooring, chipped tile countertops and almost no natural light whatsoever, this kitchen was anything but gourmet. Plus, with a washer/dryer eating up much valuable space, there was barely enough room to make mac and cheese let alone a 4-star dining experience. Time for a change.


Solution: There are times when you retrofit what you have and times when you gut to the studs. This was the latter. After moving some walls to open up the floorplan and relocating some major appliances, this kitchen was ready to be rebuilt from the ground up. All new KraftMaid cabinetry was installed as was travertine tile flooring, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and a beautiful quartzite backsplash to transform this space into a gourmet delight. Watch the slideshow above to see how dramatic this transformation was.


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