Challenge:You want to make an impression the moment your guests walk in, right? Well, if your style is eclectic and a wee-bit (okay, a whole lotta) funky, then bring on the Huh?!


Solution: This foyer is directly attached to the family room. I designed it as an accent wall since it has its own separate tile flooring (as opposed to the Berber in the family room). The star-burst design with golden-orange center accents was painted on a royal blue color-washed wall. These later dictated the light-pumpkin wall color for the rest of the house's common areas. Then with some custom Huh? furniture placed at the entry, solid oak baseboard molding and even a secret hideaway for Fluffy the Cat (okay, it's an under-the-stairs litter room) - everyone ended up happy. Now when the guests arrive, there's never a loss for words.


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Make a statement when your guests arrive

funky fabulous foyer