folk art meets high tech law office

Law office for the people

Challenge: Can I even begin to tell you how much fun I had doing this law office suite redesign?! Dark bookcases, clutter everywhere and just a cold and musky atmosphere. Well, bring in some light, some color and combine folk art meets high tech and you end up with a warm and inviting law office that doesn't intimidate the clients while still impressing the opposing counsel.


Solution: The space needed to be opened up to bring some light in. I did this by removing the partition walls in the reception area, getting rid of the massive bookshelves and file cabinets cluttering every corner and installing windows in the main area to let natural light in from the offices which had exterior windows. I also used furniture that allowed a visual line of site either above or right through it while still offering plenty of storage. This really opened the space up and gave it an airy feel. The clientele of this office is mostly Hispanic so to make it a comfortable space I used folk art pieces and a Spanish color palette to warm the area. However, still being a law office, I added several high-tech touches to allow for functionality and a polished finish. The result was a true blending of two diverse styles but with a very zen feel. Oh, maybe that’s three?!


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