Challenge: Boring ol' brick fireplace with a builder-spec generic mantle. And ya know what was amazing? They actually laid the bricks directly against the drywall with nothing anchoring them to the studs! I can't believe that it stood as long as it did. But the nice thing is, it made it easy when it came time to take it down!


Solution:  I love clean lines (for permanant structures - my furniture is another story) and nothing too fussy. This design is very grown up with a feeling of sophistication. The wood is Amazique with a strong grain pattern and the tile is a marble mosaic with a nickel inset . I then took accent tiles and laid them around the base and on top the mosaic tile over the opening for additional visual interest. This new focal point now fits the style of the home much better.


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Amazique wood and marble tile... nice!

exotic wood fireplace