crisp & clean kitchen

Sometimes you just gotta do more than plain ol' white.

Challenge: On paper, there's nothing wrong with this kitchen. Well, not too wrong anyway. It's white. Okay, fine. It has beautiful granite countertops, nice. It's generally fine. But sometimes, fine just doesn't cut it buddy. Glam it up and make it a place you want to cook in!


Solution: The details are what was missing in this kitchen, and that's exactly what I added. I repainted all the cabinetry a crisp new white to clean it up, but then each cabinet got a shout out for its architectural detail - in color. I painted a contrasting mocha color on the cabinet insets as well as the drawer perimeters, added sleek new hardware on the cabinets, a pop of color over the window and some mirrors in select upper cabinet doors to add not only dimension and the feel of added space, but sparkle and shine. I ended the room off with a sleek new stainless steel refrigerator and cooktop, moved the countertop microwave as a built-in in the cabinetry and finally, finished it off with beautiful copper-colored mini-pendents over the peninsula for a cozy and romantic flair. A nice simple upgrade for not a whole heck-of-a-lotta green.


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