cozy crimson dining room

Intense colors, intense flavors, intense conversations

Challenge: This room was once a breezeway in this older home. It then went through a transformation to enclose the sides to create an additional room. The use of the new room? The owners were left at a loss. They had put down basic clay tile and left the walls white leaving it a bit of a conundrum of what the space could be used for.


Solution:  The previous dining room in this home was located at the front of the house. By giving prospective owners the option of moving it to this space in the back of the home, the great French doors allowed for dinner parties to easily spill out to the beautiful stone patio. I then washed the walls in a deep crimson color, added a walnut-colored travertine tile accented by green marble diamonds to the floor, crown molding up top and chunky 4.5" baseboards. I then finished it off with an off-kilter mirror near the kitchen opening and a wrought iron chandelier over the table itself - this room was easily transformed into a cozy retreat just begging for the aromas of garlic, steak and a glass of wine! Another use as you'll see from the photos is a cozy breakfest area to enjoy coffee and the morning paper. It easily works both ways, take your pick!

(Note: not fully furnished in photos due to sale of home).


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