Challenge: This is actually my home. I lived with this peach and cream tile for far too long. Seriously, the 80's was great, but even I threw away the Aqua Net. Time to get all grow'd up. I want to feel pampered as I spit my toothpaste in the sink, don't you? Most people thought I was crazy taking out my Jacuzzi tub, but beyond a spider hotel, it had no use to me. What was more intriguing was a shower built for two. Yup, I said it, out loud even.


Solution: How does one take out a huge tub? Apparently a sledgehammer has something to say out that. After the pieces were removed (BY ME!) I got to work creating my oasis. The tile inspired me and it went from there. The custom zebrawood countertop holds two marble slot sinks flanked by Moroccan-inspired mirrors. The shower has frameless glass and enough room for two to... get clean. In the bathroom I actually created my own wallpaper with a printer and some creativity, those are 11x17 printed sheets trimmed and pasted up. And to finish it off, the lighting is ever so important, gotta have all those cool shadows, right? My shower light is multipurpose: it's also a fan and a Bluetooth speaker. If you're gonna remodel, reimagine!


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Moroccan-inspired Yeah-Baby!

moroccan bathroom on steroids