Challenge: This kitchen started out with grungy white tile countertops, a white tile floor, white walls, a white backsplash and golden oak cabinets with no hardware whatsoever. Plus, the lighting was still the drop-down florescent variety. Plain Jane? I thought so!


Solution: I replaced the countertops with a dark polished granite accented with silver flecks to complement the new metallic backsplash of 4" tiles offset by 2" pyramid accents. I then updated the lighting with overhead cable lights, installed workstation can lights and hung fun pendent lights over the eating peninsula. Finally I refinished the cabinets to a deep chestnut and added modern stainless handles. The kitchen was finished off with brand new appliances, mustard-yellow wall paint, a mosaic slate pendant in the new tile floor and fun accessories. Now this is a kitchen where a homeowner can live out their dream of being a true chef.


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