boys' loft bedroom

Move the kids up and off the floor for more space

Challenge: Starting off, it was a normal kids' bedroom. A bunkbed thrown in the corner, a dresser out and about and toys scattered everywhere. There was no organization and with these two boys growing quickly, organization is what they desperately needed, and so did mom and dad!


Solution:  Luckily there was a vaulted ceiling in this room which allowed me to take it 'up' a notch. I designed and built a floating loft in the high-ceiling portion of the room and created 'functional areas' in the room. The loft was the sleeping area complete with snuggle bins for their stuffed animals to be close at hand at night; there was a reading area with a custom Huh?-built bookshelf and private pod chairs; a toy storage area at the base of the ladder located in stair step bins which also functioned as a second way to climb up to the ladder and into the loft; and finally, a homework area. Each boy now has their own desk with their very own shelves overhead to display their trophies and collectibles. Plus, with the beautiful custom-kid art on the walls, this room is now very much personalized to them. How empowering!


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