bold exterior paint

Stand out from the crowd

Challenge: Beige, like the neighbors. White trim, like the neighbors. That's it - just like the neighbors. Come home, to the neighbors. Oops! Sorry, wrong house. Wouldn't you like to know which house is yours? Wouldn't you like to be the house everyone envies? Duh, yes!


Solution: The entire neighborhood consists of beiges, whites, light blues, light yellows - all washed out colors. This is a vibrant and young neighborhood with lots of energy. So I reflected that spirit with a bold color, but one that still complements the rest of the 'hood and actually makes them all look better! A deep terra cotta was chosen for the base with a yellow butter cream trim, a butterscotch suede color for the stucco and finally a chocolate brown to accent the shutters and the front door. Every detail of this house really pops. And now you can make it home to the RIGHT house at night. Good night.


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