black cottage-style fireplace

Bland brick to sleek slate with a custom surround

Challenge: Okay, I get that brick was a key building material 'back in the day' - but really? Do you need to keep your fireplace as basically bland as it was when it was originally built over 60 years ago? And with a straight mantle layered in ages of paint - this room needed a focal point, and fast!


Solution:  This home was set in a wooded area with tons of trees and greenery surrounding it. It looked like it could've been a cottage plucked right out of the country - so the fireplace design reflected that. The bricks were covered over with 3x6 cut slate tile mixing honed and rough for visual affect and texture, then a custom mantle was created to give weight and importance to the fireplace while still maintaining the charm of the home. The result? A fantastic creation of a new classic.


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