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Jun 2005 Honored as Best of the Web


About Best of the Web

Founded in 1994 at the University of Buffalo, Best of the Web has been a pioneer in recognizing the best sites online. From the initial concept of Web Awards, we have transformed into a directory spotlighting the web's premier destinations.

All sites listed in the directory are examined by our team of editors, and only if qualified are granted inclusion. Editorial review ensures that all sites are appropriately listed in their most relevant category; all sites included must contain substantive unique content, navigate in a user-friendly manner, contain no broken links or pictures, be up and running 24/7, and conform to universally accepted web standards.


Best of the Web remains committed to building a comprehensive directory, while maintaining a high standard of listings. The BOTW editorial team examines each site, checking for quality and thoroughness, placing appropriate sites in their respective categories. When not reviewing submissions, the BOTW editors routinely scour the internet in search of applicable sites for inclusion. 


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