balinese oasis

What can YOU do with a 7'x16' space?

Challenge: This Silver Lake home was a tiny spot in a cool neighborhood. Inside the owners' made use of every nook and cranny, but outside - they fell a bit flat. They were looking for a serene retreat that inspired their soul.


Solution: Ah, a Balinese Oasis will do the trick! Huh? designed and built a modern-take on a pergola with extra slats for shade and then continued the theme down the side of the house to create a cozy niche. Then the fence was replaced with an tall and continuous version which provided privacy from the neighbors along with some blue sheer curtains that can be drawn or tied back. A planter bench was brought in with greenery and furniture was set around the perimeter for seating and an exterior rug for meditating. Finally, the wall to the client's studio office was covered with rolled bamboo and finished out like wainscotting. Calm, serene and oh, so funky!


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