backyard built-in bbq

Installing a stand-alone BBQ for a custom look

Challenge: Yes, the existing BBQ is nice, but it's kind of, well... just sitting there! Plus, there's not really any space for food prep or to set your utensils when cooking. And boy, wouldn't a mini-fridge be nice. Hmmmmm.  


Solution: Integration is key. I took the out-of-place BBQ and made it look like it was meant to be there. I first framed out a skeleton with some metal 2x4s and then skinned it with cement backer board (sounds like a science experiment doesn't it?), then tiled away. The sides match the existing slate patio while an accent border and bullnose edge provide a visual break. Finally, I topped it off with a smooth honed slate and used 2x2 slate mosaic tiles with 1" grouped diamond glass tile accents for the backsplash. Plus, per the cook's request, a mini-fridge was put in to allow for marinating meat to stay cool until it's time to cook. This built-in was a smokin' success!


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