art deco bedroom

Turning a cold white room into a warm sanctuary

Challenge: Maybe it's just me, but when I see white walls I hear color crying out somewhere looking for a home. Since this room boasted a teddy bear bed, a lackluster fireplace and some photos longing for a display worthy of their sentimental value, Huh? came-a-calling.


Solution:  I reworked this space into an Art Deco sanctuary with golden washed walls for optimal sophistication. Gone was the old mantle, in came a new custom designed and built deco-style mantle which was flanked by two direct-from-France original deco sconces. I custom painted some of the furniture to bring it into the correct period and to make it one of the room's key design elements. Even the photo wall in the hallway was revved up to create a cohesive look by reframing the photos in sleek black frames and arranging them in an eye pleasing grouping. Finally, the bedding was updated to luxurious linens and colors again matching the room's new feel. The result was a true blast from the past sanctuary.


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