architecturally-inspired foyer

Clear the clutter, accent the architecture

Challenge:You'll hear people say it over and over again, "First impressions are everything." We all have a lot of "stuff" in our houses and especially at the front door - the table usually seems to collect EVERYTHING! So why not get a table with a few drawers where you can put things away. Also, a crisp clean area rug can really help to tidy up the space.


Solution: This one wasn't rocket science. A basic foyer needs a table to put keys on (or in this case, in), a lamp to light the way and usually a mirror is a good idea to reflect light. Additionally, since this was an odd sized entry way, I used carpet tiles that I cut to size to create my own area rug. I played off the color and architecture in the various black and white photos of New York City and incorporated the sharp angles in the console table and lamp, while softening it up a bit with a rustic wood mirror on the wall. The result is crisp and sophisticated.


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