About Brooke Coe


It all started when…

I started training in home improvement projects at the age of nine. My apprenticeship began on a part-time basis as a weekend daddy’s girl doing little projects to make some extra cash. Little projects like stripping furniture, re-roofing an 1820’s 3,500 SqFt house, building a barn, splitting logs for the cold winter months… and the list goes on and on. But it was my mom who gave me my eye for design. She always puts a twist to everything she does making it fun and unusual, the way good design should be.


From suit to steel-toed work boots

Fast forward to my professional years where I managed the big boys of entertainment’s advertising campaigns including NBC, Fox and Disney. Maintaining the entertainment groove I took a bit of an independent turn and headed up marketing for the Mentos Freshmaker Online Tour – and oh what a tour that was. It took me around the world and exposed me to different cultures, different music and most of all – unique design yet again whetting my creative appetite.


At home, friends would ask me who did my interior design and where I got my furniture. When they found out I did it myself they urged me to start my own business. So… I did. After 13 years of advertising, I left it to start Huh?, an interior and furniture design shop all my own. The business picked up a lot of momentum but in 2005 when I stumbled upon Be Jane, a home improvement community for women, I just knew that I had to be involved – they spoke my language. I worked as Director of Marketing with them for several years until I got the itch to start walking the walk again and not just talking the talk. That led me back into the realm of interior design and furniture, back to Huh?.


Putting it all out there

I’m passionate about home design and home improvement and want to share that passion with others to let them know that design should be fun and make you happy. This led me to several television stints such as Disney’s Higgleytown Heroes where I was “Brooke the Carpenter”, the local hero who builds things out of wood. I also shared my kitchen renovation project with HGTV in their series, Look What I Did!. Finally, to test my construction chops, I decided to try out for Discovery Channel’s Monster House to see if I could hang with the big boys. Well they picked me as the carpenter on the TV show and I’m proud to say – I kept up quite well, even sparkled if I do say so myself. My home improvement and design philosophies have also been featured in several print publications including First for Women Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, The Daily Breeze, Lowe's Creative Ideas and many more.


The real deal

Yearning for more flexibility with my time so I could be with my husband and our two extremely unique boys, I decided to take Huh? Designs on fulltime. I like to live my life by the words of an old mentor, “The only truly unforgivable sin in life is to be boring.” So taking that into consideration along with my own saying, "Do what scares you", I've decided to use my design and construction talents with Huh? to make Southern California different - one house at a time.


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