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Professional Interior Design & Furniture Design
Los Angeles | California

Your home should nourish your soul by letting you get started on the right foot in the morning and bringing you back to earth in the evening. Colors, textures, ergonomic touches, and unexpected design elements all lend to a Huh?-designed home. I have been designing homes and commercial properties for over fifteen years with an eye for functional design with a twist. I use color and textures to add warmth and excitement to rooms while also creating much-needed work, living, and storage space - all with an artistic feel.




HUH? DESIGNS is the perfect solution for someone who wants the help of a professional interior designer without the hefty price tag that oftentimes comes along with one.  Brooke Coe, owner of Huh?, works with each client to ensure that she’s delivering a solution that will work for them and the way they live in their home.

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Huh? Interior Design focuses on offering a multi-functional design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but functionally useful and fun.  This sentiment is echoed in Brooke's furniture design as well.  She creates pieces that are unique to the owner’s space with a bit of whimsy and fun.  Unless of course, it’s a tragically traditional piece you want, in which case – oh baby, it’s functional and tame and you’ll love it to bits.

Wanna take a sneak peek into some radical transformation? Check out these Before & Afters

MidMod Exterior Transformation
Kitchen Transformation
Front Room view to Kitchen Transformation
Family Room Transformation
Kitchen view to Family Room Transformation
Family Room view to Kitchen Transformation
Bathroom Transformation
Dining Room Transformation

The only truly unforgivable sin in life is
to be boring.



I started training in home improvement projects at the age of nine. My apprenticeship began on a part-time basis as a weekend daddy’s girl doing little projects to make some extra cash. Little projects like stripping furniture, re-roofing an 1820’s 3,500 SqFt house, building a barn, splitting logs for the cold winter months… and the list goes on and on. But it was my mom who gave me my eye for design. She always put a twist to everything she did making it fun and unusual, the way good design should be.



Throughout my many years doing interior design, furniture construction, home renovations, and just plain loving power tools, I've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions on home improvement with others through the press.

See below and you just might figure out, "Ah! That's where I saw that crazy sawdust loving woman!"


It's always better to hear people's experiences first hand.

Here are a few of my happy customers letting me know they like me. They REALLY like me!

MB & AB, Torrance, CA

I don't know if I could express with words just how thankful I am to you for all your hard work in bringing my kitchen dreams to life.  Our kitchen needed some major changes, but we didn't give you a big budget to work with, which required some real help on your part.  

One thing that really sets you apart is that you are not just professional and knowledgeable......working with you was very easy and fun.  Even though I had some ideas about what I wanted, it would have been very tough to finalize our plans without your design expertise on the front end, because we needed your guidance throughout the process.  It was great to see our ideas come to life with design photos and was exciting for both of us, but it was especially helpful for my husband, as he really needed to see how the whole remodel would look before any work was started.    


One of my favorite things about you is that everything was "no problem".  This was really important once the demolition work started and issues were uncovered.  Every issue that came up (as usually occurs during any remodel) was met with your thoughtful and creative "can do" attitude, which was so calming to both of us.  Another wonderful thing we experienced was that you coordinated the work process so well that we were hardly ever without use of our kitchen (I still don't know you you did that?!?!).  We were really expecting to have to eat out a a lot, but we really didn't need to, which relieved a lot of stress for our family.      


Even though everyone always talks about their horror stories of their remodels, we don't have any (not even one)!  You gave us everythingwe originally asked for, while still meeting (and mostly exceeding) all of your original commitments to us. 

Thank you Brooke.  We'll definitely be calling you for our next project!"

JY & PY, Redondo Beach, CA

"We asked Brooke Coe, of Huh? Designs, to provide us with plans and drawings to improve the inside of our 2,500 square foot home.  In essence, we were looking for a new home.


We got one; one that exceeded our expectations.


Brooke took a family room that was a disaster area and presented us with two plans to review.  Each plan was intended to convey a different feel to the room.  She allowed us to select designs and colors that reflected who we were.  She incorporated pictures and mementos that captured our lives at different points in time.


My office, once a place where I just tossed clothes, is now a show case for her work. World maps and a picture of Winston Churchill that speaks volumes of my interest in both Old World and contemporary politics.  Her work underscores her dedication to detail and expertise in arranging the furniture and other items of value.  My wife's office, once a junked up office/guest room with a craft area, is now a modern, yet cozy working office with a comfortable place for her girlfriends to sleep when they visit from out of town.  It has a whimsical, yet spiritual feel to it, which is just what she asked for; Brooke heard her when she told her of her desires, and then went above and beyond with her creation of the perfect room.


Our Kitchen (just completed) is now a "dream" kitchen."  Brooke brought color, texture and a feeling of spaciousness to our once plain, white kitchen.

At the end of the day, she is a one-of-a-kind artist.  Her work is impressive and inspirational.  As Bette Midler once said, "People are not the best because they work hard; they work hard because they are the best."  Brooke is the best.


At the end of the day, she is a one-of-a-kind artist.  Her work is impressive and inspirational.  As Bette Midler once said, "People are not the best because they work hard; they work hard because they are the best."  Brooke is the best."

DM, El Segundo, CA

"Brooke served as the key creative person in designing my law office, my homemade ice cream store, and my home interior color palette.  
Here is how it works:  I tell Brooke what I generally like and what my business is about.  She captures my vision and brings it to life more vividly than I could ever imagine.  At work, my office and my staff's work spaces are one of a kind.  Brooke's professional design and custom-made furniture pieces give my office the "wow" factor that makes an immediate, positive impression on my clients and colleagues.
At home, Brooke's custom color palette for our kitchen, living room, and dining room brings the entire living space in harmony.  I love it. My wife and kids loves it! 
I believe artists must have the latitude to work their magic on their own time and in their own way.   Brooke is that rare breed of original artist who does all that and more. She values your time and budget constraints.  When I think about working with her over the past five years, the following qualities come to mind: On time. Personable. Consummate professional.  Excellent communicator.  Great sense of humor.

Enough about what I think. The important point is that my friends, family, clients and colleagues appreciate the artistry in all that Brooke has done to personalize my work and living spaces."

MH, Silverlake, CA

"We could tell even from the early proposal stage that Huh? Designs was professional, detailed, and creative.  We were presented with well-thought-out schematics and a line-by-line budget for our patio makeover. 

Now we enjoy summer evenings under a beautiful ew pergola... surrounded by plants, candles and lanterns in our 'urban-chic' oasis!"

PT, Redondo Beach, CA

"I'm hooked on Brooke.  It started with a desk.  A desk that needed to fit into a strangely configured space.  The desk is roomy, sturdy, curvy, and beautiful, a far cry from the rectangle desk we had shoved into our alcove.  Since that desk, Brooke has brought both the functional and the whimsical to our home -- from a mantle designed to hide the cables and wires that were driving me crazy to a kids' octopus table.  Brooke has always listened carefully to what I was trying to accomplish and delivered products that make me really happy."


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